Time for Sale?

TIME for $ale

 By Richard Gorris, D.D.S.

© Ardege 2013

Does that title shock you, for at least a moment?

Most people would try to buy at the right price.

Would it sell faster if it was buy 2 get 1 free?

Time can’t be purchased because it can’t be made, although it certainly does have a specific value.   What’s it worth to you? How much can you afford to waste each day?

You can spend it, save it, be motivated by it, stressed by it, work by it, watch it, have it pace you, be controlled by it, put it off, talk about it, put a price on it, trade it, save it, waste it….but regardless of what you think or want, there is no retrieval possible.

If you can’t buy it or sell it….does it really exist?

Yes, and it often adds madness to life.


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